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John Lynch delivers perfect answer about hardest part of 49ers GM job

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Being a general manager in the NFL is a tough job, and John Lynch's past week certainly showed just that.

The 49ers GM was visibly emotional after San Francisco traded young quarterback Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys on Friday -- just one cruel aspect of football's business side the executive has to handle professionally.

Before he and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan decided to move on from Lance, Lynch sat down with "The Pivot Podcast" to detail his journey from NFL safety to television broadcaster to San Francisco's front office -- and the hardest part about his latest role.

"Kickoff, because there ain't a damn thing I can do about it," Lynch said, prompting a roar of laughter from hosts Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder Jr. "The first year, [cameras] would catch me hitting the table ... [Warren Sapp would say,] 'Chill out, man. You've done your work.' And my dad would say the same thing: 'Have some poise. Don't let them see you sweat.'

"Easy to say, man. Easy to say, hard to do. You're so invested in this thing. But I think that. You work really hard, but come game time, there really is nothing you can do, and that's difficult."

Lynch and Shanahan were hired by the 49ers before the 2017 NFL season, and since have made one Super Bowl appearance and three NFC Championship Games -- two in their last two campaigns. The Hall of Fame safety has been vocal about how difficult it is for him to contain his emotions as a former player himself, telling NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco last season it's why he doesn't sit in the press box during games.

And while the cameras might not catch him expressing his frustration anymore, they certainly have aired moments of jubilation from Lynch. When 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel scored a 39-yard touchdown in Mexico City last season, the GM's energy was on full display.

Entering his seventh season as 49ers GM, it's clear Lynch leads with a player-first mentality.

"I love it when our players do well. I feel it when they are struggling," Lynch told Maiocco last year. "... I just feel like I’m with the guys. I can’t go do it anymore, but man, I’m pulling for them.

"It’s just raw emotion."

Lynch no longer is making plays on the field, but his heart remains in the game. It's why he became a GM in the first place, pivoting from his broadcasting career to get closer to the heart of the sport.

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