Jimmy G woefully stands out among NFL QBs, per PFF chart


Jimmy Garoppolo didn't get off to the strongest start to the 2021 NFL season, but the 49ers still managed to put up over 28 points per game in the three contests he was able to finish.

But this below chart from Pro Football Focus shows, Garoppolo's ability to generate big-time plays and avoid potential turnovers ranks woefully low among his peers across the league.


Granted, Garoppolo was hobbled throughout the first half of the 49ers' Week 4 loss to the Seattle Seahawks before being replaced at halftime by rookie Trey Lance.

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Russell Wilson being on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Garoppolo on this chart is not ideal for the 49ers, who maintain that the 29-year-old Garoppolo still gives the 49ers the best chance to win when he is healthy.

Over a small sample size, Lance sits slightly closer to the center of the graph, although he threw his first interception of his NFL career on Sunday in the 17-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

A bye week will give Garoppolo plenty of time to heal, and we likely will see him under center in Week 7 when the 49ers face the Indianapolis Colts unless his calf continues to hinder him.

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