Jimmy G helping sell ‘Feels great, baby!' masks for charity


You now can rock Jimmy Garoppolo's most iconic phrase and help mitigate the spread of coronavirus at the same time.

The 49ers quarterback has teamed up with CityTeam, a Bay Area non-profit organization that helps families and people experiencing extreme poverty, to sell face masks with Garoppolo's iconic phrase across the front.

Jimmy G made waves on social media when he exclaimed "feels great, baby!" to Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews following the 49ers' win over the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

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Some felt Jimmy G was throwing off flirtatious vibes to Andrews, but the QB explained that he was just excited about improving to 8-0 on the season.

If you're one of the many 49ers fans who adopted the phrase last season and want to add to your mask collection, you can do so at https://jimmygmasks.com/.

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