Is Watson worth 49ers including Bosa in trade package?


Matthew Stafford is headed to Los Angeles. It cost the Rams a hefty price -- two-first round picks, a third-round pick and Jared Goff -- but Sean McVay got a quarterback he thinks he can win a Super Bowl title with.

The price to acquire Stafford, of course, got people wondering what it might take to trade for Deshaun Watson, who reportedly has formally asked the Houston Texans for a trade. The Houston Chronicle's John McClain reported Saturday that the Texans would want at least two first, two seconds and two young starters on defense.

As the 49ers survey what's left of the QB carousel, would San Francisco be willing to part with defensive end Nick Bosa in a deal for Watson? Former NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas told 95.7 The Game that two first-round picks and Bosa would be too much.

As good as Bosa is, if all it takes to acquire Watson, a 25-year-old generational quarterback who is just entering his peak, is two first-round picks and Bosa, the 49ers should call it in immediately. I don't care if general manager John Lynch is in a dead zone, he better find a payphone ASAP.

Bosa is terrific, but edge rushers, as important as they are, pale in comparison to the importance of having a truly elite quarterback. The 49ers could easily find two defensive ends to give them 85-90 percent of what Bosa brings. There is no substitute for having one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL in the prime of his career. Watson is worth at least six points on a betting board. Bosa might be worth a half-point.

As for the draft picks, there should be no debate about giving up the No. 12 pick in this year's draft and what would be a pick in the back end of the first round once the 49ers acquire Watson.

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Let's be clear: We aren't talking about Kirk Cousins or even Matthew Stafford. Deshaun Watson is one of the truly transcendent quarterback talents in the NFL. Pairing him with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers' offensive weapons would immediately put the 49ers back in the mix as one of the NFC favorites.

Of course, the Texans reportedly are not currently planning on trading Watson, nor should they. If they do decide to honor the star's wishes, it will surely take more than two firsts and Bosa to acquire him. But if the ask is three firsts and Bosa, the answer still should be yes.

As the 49ers already know, it's much easier to find good edge rushers than it is to find an elite quarterback.

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