How NFL analysts believe Shanahan's offense will help Lance


Rumors have swirled regarding Trey Lance’s readiness to take over the 49ers' offense in 2022, but several NFL analysts believe that with Kyle Shanahan as his coach, the young quarterback is set to succeed. 

Three former NFL players who have become analysts for NFL Network believe that Shanahan's system is the perfect match for the 21-year old’s development in the NFL. With a scheme that relies heavily on the run, Lance is set up for success. 

In his rookie season, Lance appeared in six games, two as the starting quarterback. The former No. 3 overall draft pick completed 41 of his 71 attempts for 603 yards and five touchdowns. Lance also carried the ball 38 times for 168 yards and an additional score on the ground. 

LaDainian Tomlinson, who spent 11 seasons in the league prior to joining the media, believes that Shanahan’s system will be a key in Lance’s development. 

“You’re not asking him to read the entire defense,” Tomlinson told NBC Sports Bay Area earlier this month at Radio Row. “You’re asking him to look at certain parts of field and deliver accurately. That’s the best thing you can have as a young quarterback. The offense evolves after that.”  

Simplifying the offense and giving players the best scenarios for success is what Shanahan is known for. Without undue pressure on a quarterback’s shoulders to manage everything, Lance has a high probability for marked development. 

The 49ers' coach has experience in developing young quarterbacks and understands the process. Michael Robinson, who spent half of his eight-year career with the 49ers and the remaining four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, recalled how Shanahan helped Robert Griffin III as the offensive coordinator in Washington. 

“That’s why I’m so excited about Trey Lance, and him learning the offense and taking some ownership of it,” Robinson said. “Because I truly believe that if you have a quarterback with some movement skills like a Trey Lance, it just takes this Kyle Shanahan offense to new heights. 

“I don’t think we’ve seen it since maybe when RG3 was running this style of system. That wasn’t truly able to evolve to what it was capable of because the next year he got hurt. Trey Lance, once he owns this offense I think the sky is the limit for the team.”  

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Additionally, James Jones believes that Lance is set up for succeess with the 49ers' quarterback-friendly offense. Jones, a Bay Area native and retired wide receiver, believes that getting some experience as a rookie will play a significant role in Lance’s development. 

Jones was a receiver with the Green Bay Packers and saw how not being asked to start immediately helped Aaron Rodgers' development as a young play-caller.

“I think he will be just fine but I think they will start out slow and see how much he can handle when came time comes,” Jones said. “If he can, and I think he will, it’s going to be a dominant offense. And we all know there is much more he can do with Trey than he could do with Jimmy [Garoppolo].” 

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