How Jimmy G's attitude shaped Williams' view of QB situation


While the media frenzy continues over the “quarterback situation” in Santa Clara, Trent Williams declares it is business as usual for the 49ers. 

Countless headlines questioned Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with the team after John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan confirmed that they had procured a blockbuster trade for the No. 3 overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Their subsequent selection of Trey Lance prolonged the storyline. 

Regardless of Shanahan’s insistence that Garoppolo will be under center Week 1, fans and media alike seem to have placed a timer on the veteran quarterback’s future with the team. 

Williams says that inside the locker room, it’s a different vibe altogether -- the roster is standing behind the man who led them to Super Bowl LIV, while Garoppolo’s attitude remains as fiery as ever. 

“Jimmy has always been very competitive,” Williams said. “I watched him play when his — a lot of people didn’t know his ankle was damn near an inch away from just snapping. Just watching him fight through and try to play - a guy who has accomplished so much, got a lot of money, went to the Super Bowl - he didn’t have to press forward like he tried to, and try to play hurt. 

“The guys respect that. Jimmy has handled this situation the best as I could imagine anyone handling it. I can’t speak for Jimmy and how he felt, but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as everyone is making it. Kyle’s been pretty open about saying Jimmy is our quarterback.”  

The 49ers’ locker room is known to be very close since Shanahan and John Lynch took over as the leaders of the organization. Williams credits that rapport with one another as a reason for the lack of contention among the group.

The roster has Garoppolo’s back as much as he has theirs. The All-Pro left tackle doesn't believe that the veteran quarterback’s days are numbered. 

“If you take your team to the Super Bowl, or deep into the playoffs, who can criticize that?” Williams said. “As hard as it is, it’s hard to find good quarterbacks in this league. Hard to see a guy being that successful and then just letting him walk out the door the next year.”

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Williams believes that it’s clear to the team that the job is Garoppolo’s while Lance learns the ropes and adjusts to the speed of the NFL. 

“I don’t think there’s any type of competition controversy type deal,” Williams said. “We just bolstered the roster. We got deeper at the position and we got a guy with a huge ceiling and when it’s his time to play I think we will all see what he has to offer 

“Inside the building, it’s a lot more cut and dry. This is our guy, this guy is learning. That’s pretty much how it goes."

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