Glazer believes 49ers ‘firmly' still Lance's team next season


Regardless of how Jimmy Garoppolo performs for the remainder of the 2022 NFL season, there's a good chance that the 49ers will give Trey Lance another opportunity to start under center. 

Lance still has yet to prove himself and a season-ending broken ankle sustained in San Francisco's Week 2 win over the Seattle Seahawks will delay any additional opportunities until next season.

In his Week 3 "AskGlazer" segment, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer revealed the reaction inside the 49ers locker room when Lance returned after having surgery and the belief regarding his future as the starter. 

"Everybody came up, gave him hugs," Glazer shared. "So they still firmly believe this will be his team and will probably be a six-month recovery from his injury.

"Obviously, it's not Trey Lance's team this year because he's hurt. It will be his team next year. They still have full faith that Trey Lance is their future."

With Garoppolo starting and no longer lurking behind a first-year starter in Lance, any potential calls for the veteran to start at the first sign of trouble -- or distractions from the situation -- no longer will be an issue this season. The 49ers can move forward with their current starter and not have to answer questions about any quarterback competition. 

"As far as Jimmy Garoppolo is concerned, obviously, it's his team this season, then he'll be a free agent," Glazer added. "What this also does, is I think we were looking at a 49ers season — because you're gonna have some bumps, some ups and downs for Trey Lance, and every time that happened, people were going to start clamoring, 'Where's Jimmy G? It's time to put Jimmy G in.'

"Obviously, they now no longer have to deal with that. So, Trey Lance, he's just going to recover this year. Jimmy G, a free agent after the season."

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If Lance's recovery is six months, he should be back out on the field by April, which will give him an opportunity to participate in OTAs and training camp next summer. 

By that point, Garoppolo's free agency likely will have played out already and the 49ers' plan at quarterback will be somewhat clearer. 

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