Deebo responds to ‘hilarious' report on why he requested trade


Why does Deebo Samuel want out of San Francisco

There have been reports that it’s the money, or it’s his role with the 49ers, or maybe it’s both. 

But ESPN’s Adam Schefter gave a new take on why he believes the star wide receiver requested a trade. 

“I'm sure there are a multitude of factors as to why he would like to be traded," Schefter said on air. “But I think one of them is the fact that he simply prefers to be closer to home, South Carolina. Not out west in California. San Francisco chose him. He didn't choose that. How many people leave school and go where they don't have to go. Deebo's in that situation. I think he'd like to be closer to home somehow.”

Schefter acknowledged there are a number of additional factors that have influenced Deebo’s sudden change of heart. 

But not so fast. Deebo himself had something to say about Schefter’s report. Samuel appeared to shut down that rumor in a now-deleted story posted on his Instagram. 

When the news broke on Wednesday, the NFL world was stunned. But it didn’t take long for people on social media to form their theories. 

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Deebo tweeted that only the 49ers, his agent and himself know the truth, and everyone else is just speculating -- which is true. Deebo later deleted the tweet

One thing we do know for certain is that this entire situation is extremely bizarre. For now, NFL fans will continue scratching their heads and anxiously await what’s to come. 

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