Committee approves Dan Snyder testimony date with subpoena contingency


The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has accepted a proposal from Commanders owner Dan Snyder's attorneys for him to testify on July 28 as part of the investigation into the Commanders' workplace environment, Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., wrote in a letter Tuesday.

Maloney and the Committee, however, are adamant that Snyder accept service of their subpoena to ensure that his testimony is "full and complete and will not be restricted in the way it would be if the deposition were conducted voluntarily."

Snyder and his attorneys have previously offered to appear before the Committee on his own accord. At the end of her letter, Maloney informed Snyder's camp that it has until Wednesday at noon to agree to service of the subpoena.

Snyder, who is expected to be in Israel at the end of July, will be allowed to appear via Zoom, according to Maloney's letter.

In addition to that accommodation, the Committee is also prepared to give Snyder and his attorney "access to the exhibits used in prior Committee depositions and transcribed interviews of other witnesses in advance of his deposition." 

Last week, Karen Patton Seymour, who is representing Snyder, sent a letter of her own to the Committee stating that Washington's owner would be available on either July 28th or July 29th.

The key difference is that she described his pending appearance as a voluntary one, while the Committee believes Snyder "should not be treated any differently" than former Commanders employees who have given testimony under subpoena in the past.

"I trust the Committee has now resolved any remaining scheduling concerns by agreeing to hold the deposition on the date you proposed, July 28," Maloney wrote. The Committee now awaits Snyder's answer. 

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