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McCaffrey's family, friends reveal unusual 49ers pregame ritual

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SANTA CLARA  — If you were at the 49ers' Week 11 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you might have seen a unique sight on the sideline before the game. 

As family, friends and fans who were on the field pregame were asked to exit the field to their seats, a small group stopped to kneel on the grass. And then a human pyramid began to form.

A little closer look revealed the participants included friends and family of 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. The All-Pro’s father, Ed, was taking pictures while his mother Lisa was in the middle row of the human structure.

“Every time we do a pyramid we win,” Lisa told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I have the best pictures from previous games.”

Lisa shared that the base row included Jake Underwood, Tim Roach, Justin Falls, and Brandon Spencer, who were all teammates with Christian during his high school years. Lisa, on the far left, was joined by her friends Amy Underwood and Susan Hansen in the middle row, while Haleigh Fields was the brave one on the top.

Participants in past pyramids have included any family and friends in attendance at the game, including Christian’s fiancée Olivia Culpo.

“We do them every week,” Lisa said. “My goal is to do a four-tier pyramid for the playoffs.”

If making a human pyramid helps further the 49ers' postseason chances, there is no doubt the McCaffrey clan will receive many happy volunteers willing to participate.

The 49ers head into their Thanksgiving night matchup looking to stay at the top of the NFC West with a win over the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe the team will get a little boost from the McCaffreys prior to kickoff.

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