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Purdy focused on winning games for 49ers, not NFL MVP award

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SANTA CLARA — Brock Purdy might be having a record-breaking season, but the 49ers quarterback is staying focused on the task at hand — beating the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

Through 12 games, Purdy is leading the league in several metrics including, but not limited to, completion percentage (70.2), touchdown percentage (6.9), passer rating (116.1), yards per attempt (9.6) and yards gained per completion (13.7).

The Iowa State product might be a front-runner for the NFL’s MVP award, but that is not even on the radar as Purdy preps for the team's important divisional contest in a few days. Instead, Purdy is focusing on where he can improve his play on the field.

“There’s so many areas where I feel like I can get better, really,” Purdy said. “Just within the operation of our offense, reads, being consistent. I look at that last game, at the first two drives. We were a could plays away from having our foot on the gas pedal from the jump. That’s where I’m hard on myself.”

As an NFL starter, Purdy has a record of 14-3, but keeping his head level came from years of work that happened before he even started high school. His strong work ethic was an important part of his four seasons as a starter in the BIG 12 conference which has helped his quick transition to the NFL.

“I’ve always known that this whole thing, just life in itself is just a process,” Purdy said. “You can’t just wake up one day, graduate high school and then be like, ‘All right, I’m going to go play in the NFL in a couple years.’  No, I have to go earn the respect of the guys in my college program. I’ve got to start. I’ve got to win games. I’ve got to get experience.

“Once I get to the NFL, there’s a process of doing it all over again. And so, I’ve just taken it one step at a time and then once I get my opportunity all I’m focused on is trying to play quarterback and win games for the Niners and then all the other stuff sort of just happens as you go.”

While pundits outside the building prognosticate on Purdy’s legitimacy as a valid MVP candidate, comparing him to the likes of 49ers legends Joe Montana and Steve Young, the sophomore play-caller has kept his feet on the ground.

Occasionally though, Purdy does admit taking a little time to look at how far he has come in such a short time. Mostly the quarterback just takes a moment to appreciate the journey.

“Playing in the NFL, winning some games, you do have to take a step back and be able to look at it and be thankful for what’s going on,” Purdy said. “But we have a bigger goal in mind, and that’s where I have to stay even keel and keep chipping forward.”

Staying the course would include a win on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium and clinching a playoff berth. Being acknowledged by awards is nice, but winning a Lombardi is the ultimate goal.

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