Run DMC walks this way, runs the other to 113 yards



OAKLAND -- The first time Darren McFadden touched the ball Sunday, he found a hole, made a guy miss in the open field and outran a defensive back to to the pylon.A 64-yard touchdown run should answer any questions about McFadden's ability to be successful in a zone-blocking scheme, right? WellIt's all about sample size. Because after that touchdown jaunt, McFadden carried the ball five more times in the first half and picked upfour yards.Here's another sample size for you, then -- McFadden ended up finishing the Raiders' 34-31 victory with 113 rushing yards on 18 carries. Still, you take away that one big run and McFadden has but 49 yards on 17 attempts for a 2.9-yards-per-carry average. And that was better than the 2.1-yards average with which he entered the game.It was a great hole that got opened up for me, and I just hit it running," McFadden said. "I saw the end zone and had to make one move on the guy. Just hit it running, and I was glad to get there."When Im running the ball I expect to hit it every time. It was one of those things when I saw the hole I hit it, and the safety (Ryan Mundy) came down. I made him miss and just took off and used my speed."Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Knapp preached perspective and patience this past week in discussing Oakland's offensive struggles. And while it's obvious there are still some kinks to work out, it was the best the new scheme has looked thus far.Not that the Raiders were worried. At least, not publicly."It's just fun to watch him run," said quarterback Carson Palmer."We weren't as worried about our running game as everybody else."Palmer smiled. As did McFadden, who had his 10th career rushing game, in front of Raiders Hall of Famer Marcus Allen.Because, as McFadden himself promised recently, all it takes is that first long run to get comfortable."It feels good," McFadden said. "Like a weight off your shoulders. I feel good about that. We just want to go out there, keep working hard and keep getting better each week."We always tell ourselves, you just have to keep hitting it, youre going to get one yard here, two yards there, eventually youre going to break the big ones, and today we were doing that."

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