Roman deflects credit for 49ers' offense


SANTA CLARA -- Offensive coordinator Greg Roman disputed how his boss this week characterized the 49ers' offense.Coach Jim Harbaugh said, "This is a Greg Roman offense."But Roman countered with his own feeling about who is responsible for the on-field product.RELATED: Harbaugh's Greg Roman Offense"That's not true in the sense of it's our offense, it's a 49ers offense," Roman said.Roman said he works closely with every member of the coaching staff, namely Harbaugh, offensive line coaches Mike Solari and Tim Drevno, running backs coach Tom Rathman, receivers coach John Morton, quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst and tight ends coach Reggie Davis.
"Our goal is to take all these guys who are great coaches and some of our parts just to add up to something the best we can possibly be," Roman said. "The hallmark of our offense is teamwork. That's what it is, it's teamwork."It all comes down to the players. We have players that want to win, and they're very talented and totally dialed in."When asked if he was flattered that Harbaugh would give him credit, Roman answered, "No. It's all about the game. It's all about us working together to come up with the best gameplan for this game. Perception is not important to me. The reality of what goes on day to day is extremely important."Harbaugh's compliment toward Roman came just a couple days after he pointed out a fourth-quarter reverse to Ted Ginn in Cleveland Browns territory on Sunday that lost eight yards was a bad play call."It was a poor choice on my part and my credo is always this: if the play works it was a good call, if it doesn't it was a bad call," Roman said. "That was a bad one."

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