Raiders should be done with dirt infield, unless…


ALAMEDA -- At the moment the Raiders' schedule came out in April, eyes focused on their home games in September and early October.With the Coliseum the lone remaining dual-purpose facility that houses both an NFL team and a Major League Baseball club, such a check would reveal just how many times the Raiders would have to play with a dirt infield.As it stands now, the Raiders should be done with the dirt after two regular season games as they do not play at home again until Oct. 21, when Jacksonville is here.Still, there is the possibility of a conflict that day as Game 7 of the American League Championship Series will also be that day. But the only way the A's would play host to it that day would be as a division winner, and if they finished with a better record than their ALCS opponent. Currently, the A's are sitting in the second wild card spot, and behind Texas in the American League West.And if the A's were to play in the World Series? Well, as the American League champs, the latest game they would play host to would be Game 5, on Oct. 29, six days before their next scheduled home game, on Nov. 4 against Tampa Bay.Surely, rookie Raiders coach Dennis Allen is tired of the dirt. Or did you not see the Raiders' lone turnover in their 35-31 defeat of Pittsburgh Sunday, when Denarius Moore slipped on the dirt and Carson Palmer's throw sailed over Moore and into the waiting arms of Ryan Clark?"Thats something we have to deal with," Allen said. "The opponent has to deal with it. Its another one of those outside distractions that you dont have control over so you just understand what youre dealing with and understand how you got to play on the dirt then you move on."Meaning you're not exactly rooting for a deep playoff run by the A's?Allen smiled."I hope they win," he said. "Is there any way we can get a grass infield and they can still win."

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