Raiders have special talent in Josh Jacobs, who ran wild over Bears


LONDON – Raiders running back Josh Jacobs took full responsibility for a botched exchange with quarterback Derek Carr during the Raiders' 24-21 win over the Bears on Sunday.

Carr called an audible and Jacobs didn’t process it correctly. The rest of the team ran one play, and Jacobs ran another. The result was a lost fumble that got Chicago back in the game.

Jacobs was pissed about it throughout the second half, and had a message for those in the huddle before what turned out to be the game-winning drive.

“I told everybody I was going to make up for that play,” Jacobs said. “I told them to believe in me, and that I believed in them. We set out to make big plays and we were able to do that and score.”

It was the decisive total in Sunday’s crucial Week 5 victory over the Chicago Bears at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Raiders tailback had 25 yards on that final drive, punctuating an awesome performance against the NFL’s No. 3 run defense.

Jacobs had 26 carries for 123 yards and two touchdowns, an excellent showing despite heavy traffic working through the Bears’ vaunted front seven.

The Raiders offensive line had an excellent night, using Jacobs’ stat line as proof of that. While he gave the line credit several times after the win, Trent Brown acknowledged that Jacobs is a special player.

“That mother-f---er can run the ball,” the right tackle said.

It was not lost on Raiders fans or this Raiders team got Jacobs with one of the picks in the trade for Khalil Mack. The No. 24 overall draft pick has been great through his first five professional games, setting franchise records at every turn.

While he seems like a cross between LaDainian Tomlinson and Marcus Allen, Jacobs isn’t into the comparison game.

“I just try to play and let the results speak for themselves,” Jacobs said. “I want to be a Hall of Fame player. I don’t try to compare myself to anyone. I just want to be the best I can be. I just want to win.”

The Raiders just wanted to establish the run against this solid Bears team. They certainly did that and they kept at it. They had 39 runs to 32 pass attempts, asserting themselves upfront while neutralizing the Chicago pass rush.

“We got tired of hearing how good their defense was,” Jacobs said. “They deserve that praise because they’re really good, but we’re really good, too. We wanted to let the world know who we are.”

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The Raiders are becoming a run-first team, a development spurred by Antonio Brown’s loss. The offense was centered on him, but Gruden has shifted focus to an excellent rookie running back who looks more impressive every week.

Chicago’s run defense is legit, but they weren’t going to change their approach to the game.

“That’s just our identity,” Trent Brown said. “We are going to run the ball. It doesn’t matter who we play. We are going to assert ourselves and play our game.”

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