NFL rumors: Raiders don't plan to ‘give great chase' for Tom Brady


We're 16 days away from free agency, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots might be heading towards a breakup.

Should the 42-year-old legend decide to leave Foxboro, Mass., the Raiders have been viewed as a potential landing spot for the six-time Super Bowl champion. But don't pencil Brady in as the Raiders' starting quarterback just yet.

While head coach Jon Gruden undoubtedly would meet with Brady if he showed interest in donning silver and black, NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran reported Monday that the Raiders are not expected to "give great chase" to Brady in free agency. 

On the surface, Brady joining the Raiders never made a whole lot of sense. One party is 42 going on 43 and wants to win another Super Bowl, if not two. The other party still in the beginning stages of a rebuild, relying on contributions from young players as Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock try to build a winning team from scratch.

But, if Brady wants to come or is just thinking about it, the Raiders will hear him out. He is, after all, the GOAT.

News broke during last week's NFL Scouting Combine that Brady is approaching free agency with the view that he will not return to the Patriots. Yes, some of that likely is Brady's camp trying to gain some leverage over the Patriots to get them to come to the table, pay Brady the money he wants and provide the aging star with the weapons needed to win a title. 

But where there is smoke there's normally fire. It now seems more likely than ever that Brady could leave the Patriots. It's not likely, but the chances certainly have increased since the Pats were eliminated by the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card Round.

With the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts reportedly not planning on going after Brady, the number of teams that appear to be a match for Brady, should he leave New England, are dwindling.

The Titans appear to be an option. As are the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Chargers. The Raiders might not be overly aggressive in their pursuit of Brady, but they'll be an option should the stars align.

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The Raiders have supported Derek Carr publicly and gave him another vote of confidence last week in Indianapolis. But Mayock said the Raiders would look to evaluate every position and improve them if possible.

Gruden and Mayock might not be planning on running after Brady. But if he and the Patriots do split and the legendary quarterback wants to make Vegas his new home, can they say no?

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