NFL rumors: Antonio Brown has record nine grievances vs. Raiders, Patriots


Remember when people thought Antonio Brown was playing some sort of advanced chess by getting himself released from the Raiders so he could go play for the Patriots? Yeah, that didn't turn out to be the case.

The talented wide receiver and very stable genius went and got himself released by the Patriots after 11 days. Brown was named in a sexual assault lawsuit shortly after signing with the Pats, but Bill Belichick elected not to cut him then because, well, he's really good at football and sometimes morals must take a backseat to keep the forces of evil from storming the gates in Foxboro. Or something like that. 

The final straw for the Patriots, though, came when Brown sent menacing text messages to a woman who told Sports Illustrated that Brown made unwanted sexual advances toward her while he was in Pittsburgh.  He did so as a member of the Patriots, and owner Robert Kraft didn't like that.

The Pats cut Brown loose, meaning the wide receiver had lost somewhere around $60 million in the span of 13 days, which has to be a record. And that's not the only one Brown is setting.

With his NFL career on hold or finished entirely, Brown re-enrolled in classes at Central Michigan University and now reportedly is set to file a record nine grievances against the Raiders and Patriots, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday. Those grievances are Brown's attempt to claim said $60 million he lost because he couldn't just lay low and play football.

Here's a list of the grievances Brown is expected to file. 

Best of luck.

More grievances could be on the way as well.

The NFL has yet to discipline Brown over the allegations against him, and the league likely won't announce a punishment until they have to. With Brown currently unemployed, the league has no need to levy a sentence at this point.

But you can bet that if they ding the four-time All-Pro's pocketbook, he's going to make it an even 10 grievances.

Couple these financial grievances with the number of legal issues Brown currently is facing, from the sexual assault lawsuit to the furniture-throwing lawsuit, and he'll probably be in court quite a bit in the near feature.

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While he won't be going to battle on Sundays, Brown has had no issue finding people to combat on Twitter. He recently got into it with Rams safety Eric Weddle on Twitter, and he and Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield also have been throwing jabs back and forth. 

At least he's keeping busy.

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