NFL playoff scenarios: Raiders can make postseason with wild sequence


In the words of former Colts coach Jim Mora: "Playoffs, you kidding me? Playoffs?"

But can the Raiders still make it to the postseason?

While it is possible, the odds are on par with the Dumb and Dumber’s Lloyd Christmas saying “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?”

In order for Oakland to make it to postseason play, an indiscriminate amount of things need to happen first.

Basically, in addition to the Raiders obviously winning both of their final two games, the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets Jets, New Orleans Saints, and Indianapolis Colts all must win in Week 16. In Week 17, the Cleveland Browns, Ravens, Houston Texans, and Colts all must win to gift Oakland its first playoff appearance of the second Jon Gruden era.

It’s fitting, as what soon will become the Las Vegas Raiders essentially are relying on a 10-team betting parlay to find themselves playoff-bound.

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The Raiders might be the toughest team out of that group to rely on, as Oakland has limped through the back-half of the NFL season, losing its last four games, including Week 15’s final home game in Oakland.

For those superstitious Raiders fans out there, now would be the time to start any and all routines to garner some good luck, as no NFL team needs it quite like the Silver and Black.

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