Joe Staley, T.J. Lang call ex-49er Justin Smith ‘strongest lineman ever'


One of the many job requirements for being an NFL offensive or defensive lineman obviously is having an unnatural amount of strength. I mean, regular people just don’t look like Trent Brown or Calais Campbell.

Even with every player possessing an awe-inspiring level of power, some players continue to stand out and leave an impression on their opponents.

The question recently was posed on Twitter as to which player was the greatest menace for NFL players to face on the line, and one local name came up several times.

Considering these two offensive tackles have played in a combined eight Pro Bowls, that is high praise for former 49ers great Justin Smith.

How many players do you see doing stuff like this to a Pro Bowler?

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Smith played 14 NFL seasons, the final seven of which came in a 49ers uniform. He finished his career with 880 tackles and 87 sacks.

He joins former 49ers teammate Patrick Willis as nominees on the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot. 

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