Joe Montana evaluates how 49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo played in Super Bowl


Joe Montana didn't get the "Joe Cool" nickname by accident, but even he wasn't perfect in the biggest moments. 

On a recent Good Morning Football appearance on NFL Network, the 49ers legend was asked about the team’s current quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who has some historically tough shoes to fill. Montana gave Jimmy G some props -- even about how he fared during the Super Bowl.

"I actually thought he played pretty well," Montana told Good Morning Football (h/t 49ersWebZone). "He misses that one throw, obviously a big play in the game, didn't have an opportunity to come back.”

The throw Montana was referring to came with 1:40 remaining in Super Bowl LIV with the 49ers down 24-20 on 3rd-and-10. Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was open after out-running the defense and was just yards away from the endzone.

Jimmy G overthrew the ball and Sanders couldn’t grab it.

Montana knows that feeling all too well. 

"We've all missed throws,” Montana said. “Right before 'The Catch,' I missed Freddie Solomon wide open. I threw the ball three feet over his head. He was only seven or eight yards away from me. It happens to all of us.”

Montana said Garoppolo is a good player.

“You've just got to give him more opportunities to be in that situation,” Montana added.

Jimmy G faced plenty of criticism on that one play after the 49ers fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami, but it was Sanders who stuck up for him at the beginning.

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After the loss, Sanders said he believed that play could have been a legendary moment for the two, but knew there was a reason for it.

“But at the same time, I believe in destiny and it just didn't happen."

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