How can Raiders get more sacks?


ALAMEDA -- The key to establishing a strong pass rush: desire or scheme?"I think it's really all about desire," said Raiders third-year defensive end Lamarr Houston. "Most guys who get the sacks, they get them off hustle plays and just hustling. So I think it's more about desire."Houston caught himself."Not that we don't have the desire," he added.Really, the Raiders don't have many sacks, either.With just three sacks through four games - 1 12 by Matt Shaughnessy, one by Richard Seymour and 12 of one by Dave Tollefson -- the the Raiders are tied for last in the NFL with Jacksonville.Of course, facing an array of elite quarterbacks from Philip Rivers to Ben Roethlisberger to Peyton Manning and their quick deliveries and short passing games does not make for a good recipe to garner sacks. Let alone playing catch up.GUTIERREZ: Raiders still looking for a pick
"You give me a time when weve been up in the fourth quarter and have been able to rush the passer," Seymour said. "It works hand in hand. We just need to take care of our responsibilities. I think first and foremost you have to earn the right to rush the passer in terms of stopping the run. You cant just say Im going to get a bunch of sacks and they run the ball down your throat."You have to stop the run first and be in the game and then those plays will come."

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