ESPN quickly changed MNF down-and-distance graphic after viewer complaints


The No. 1 rule of social media is to never read the comments. 

Don't worry, none of us follow this rule in its entirety, but ESPN did during this season's "Monday Night Football" debut when they showed a new down-and-distance graphic in the game between the Texans and Saints. 

Although it may have looked snazzy, the yellow-colored "venom" graphic left viewers very confused, as it was similar to the color that comes on the screen when a flag is thrown for a penalty. When it was a penalty situation, the graphic took a black shade behind the yellow font which only added to the head-scratching.

ESPN quickly updated the fiasco in the middle of the game:

Many members of football media tweeted out their frustrations, wondering who could have put this in action since it resulted in viewers thinking there was a flag on every play.

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It was nice to see ESPN take into account the fans' frustrations and get it taken care of before an Antonio Brown-less Raiders' 24-16 win over the Broncos. It would have just added to the "F--k, AB!" chants heard around the Coliseum.

That wouldn't have been fun. 

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