Did Geno Smith call heads or tails at OT coin toss in Seahawks-49ers?


Did Geno Smith call heads or tails during the coinflip heading into overtime during the 49ers-Seahawks "Monday Night Football" game?

As representatives from both teams headed to the middle of the field along with NFL officials, Smith, Seattle's backup QB, was asked to make the call on the silver dollar.

The referee said, "your call is heads," after Smith called which side of the coin he wanted. Smith then elected for the Seahawks to receive the kickoff when the coin indeed landed on heads.

Seattle ultimately would win 27-24, but this started a controversy. We're talking "is the dress blue or white" controversy. And we all remember Laurel vs. Yanny.

This could be a scenario where we trick our minds and whatever we think, that's what he says. It's also possible that Smith called tails, but the referee heard heads, which opens up a different can of worms. If that were the case, Smith did a fabulous job not arguing with what he originally called. And Richard Sherman, the 49ers representative, didn't argue the call, either. 

Sherman himself told NBC Sports Bay Area's Jennifer Lee Chan that he indeed heard "heads" as the call. Pete Carroll knows that if Sherman heard something different, he would have said something.

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Everyone has their thoughts. Someone commented on the video even joked Smith could have said "hails," which was perfect because ...

What do you think?

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