Deion Sanders thinks 49ers will sign Tom Brady, trade Jimmy Garoppolo


Until he chooses a new team or re-signs with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady will dominate the NFL news cycle. He does so even when he isn't about to be a free agent.

The Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans and others have been viewed as possible new homes for Brady. The 49ers are another team that has been (kind of) linked to Brady. Not in a realistic sense, but just in a, "Hey, it's the winter and we're all bored of discussing the Titans and Chargers and Brady is from California" sense.

So, of course, NFL Media analyst and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders became the umpteenth person to float the idea of Brady going to the 49ers during the NFL Scouting Combine. Sanders topped off his rehashed take with the idea that the 49ers should and will trade quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo back to the Patriots once they sign Brady. (Because we do in fact live in a simulation and nothing matters or has to make sense.)

“You know what, I have a theory,” Sanders told Rich Eisen. “If it was me, this is just the ‘owner Prime,’ Brady to San Francisco man. Trade Garoppolo back to New England.

“Why not? Let me tell you something. San Francisco has a window of opportunity. You as well as I know that window closes expeditiously. You gotta seize it right now. I love Garoppolo, trust me. Tom Brady’s the quarterback in the Super Bowl? I feel like there’s a different outcome. You got two years, man. Get it done. I would do it. You give New England what they want, you give San Fran what they want."

Brady, as you might have heard, grew up in Northern California as a fan of the 49ers and finishing his career in San Francisco would be a Hollywood-type ending to Brady's NFL story.

Garoppolo had a solid season for the 49ers, helping lead them to the precipice of Super Bowl glory. Of course, the lasting memory of Garoppolo's otherwise impressive season will be the late overthrow of Emmanuel Sanders that cost the 49ers the chance to win Super Bowl LIV against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Is that hiccup enough for the 49ers to look to upgrade the quarterback position? It seems doubtful. The 49ers have one of the most complete rosters in football and should compete for the Super Bowl for the next handful of seasons. Garoppolo was one of the reasons the Niners made it to Miami, and his errant throw doesn't negate a season that saw him thrive in head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense.

Bill Belichick likely would jump at the chance to reacquire Garoppolo if Brady leaves, and the Patriots could send a couple of mid-round picks to the 49ers to help replenish their draft capital. But it's not happening. Unless "owner Prime" somehow takes over the 49ers, Brady will not be moving back to Northern California.

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