Baker Mayfield roasts Antonio Brown over absurd offseason with Raiders


Baker Mayfield, like the rest of us, appears to have had it with Antonio Brown's copious amounts of straight-up nonsense.

Brown has been on a social-media warpath of late, promising to never play in the NFL again while taking shots at Rams safety Eric Weddle and Sports Illustrated reporter Robert Klemko. In between psychotic breaks on Twitter, Brown posts his normal faux-inspirational messages based on rap lyrics and movie quotes, such as the one that led to speculation he wanted another shot in the NFL on Thursday. (Spoiler alert: He wants nothing more than to play football again. Don't believe the look-at-me declaration to never play again as anything more than a sad attempt to stay relevant.)

Anyways, Mayfield posted a photo to Instagram on Friday with a caption harkening back to his days as a walk-on, hoping to draw some motivation ahead of the Browns' big Week 4 matchup against the Ravens.

One fan thought the post had a bit of an AB feel to it. But  Mayfield wasn't hearing that. The Heisman Trophy winner ripped Brown over his ridiculous antics.

Brown might want to head back to the cryochamber to heal up from what Mayfield just did to him. Just make sure to wear the proper attire this time.

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Some good news for Brown after his social-media beating: the Patriots reportedly might have to pay the receiver the $9 million signing bonus he is owed.

One day business might be boomin' again.

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