Antonio Brown's desired Raiders helmet rated just ‘adequate' by lab


The Raiders' season has yet to begin and Antonio Brown already wants to call it quits. That is unless he gets the helmet he wants.

The wide receiver reportedly had a two-hour conference call with the NFL on Friday to make his stance on why he should be able to wear some specific headgear.

And it turns out, the helmet he's referring to is only deemed "adequate."

The "Schutt Air Advantage" was given a two out of a possible five-star rating by Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings ... and to add to it, this particular model is no longer produced by manufacturers.

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It's also given an overall score of 0.678 with the website noting "a lower score offers better protection."

This helmet was sported by Brown during his Pittsburgh Steelers tenure and is no longer NOCSAE certified.

And according to's Mike Silver, AB tried to sneak his old helmet on the field during OTAs and at the start of training camp.


All of this over an adequate helmet.

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