Allen on ZBS: I have belief in it; it's going to work


ALAMEDA -- The day before, embattled Raiders offense coordinator Greg Knapp asked for "perspective" and "patience" with the new scheme introduced this season.Fans and pundits alike were ripping Knapp and his zone-blocking scheme-based West Coast Offense for the team's slow start, and running back Darren McFadden averaging a paltry 2.1 yards per carry.RELATED: Raiders' learning curve on ZBS steepest on game days
This after McFadden looked like a legitimate league MVP candidate a year earlier in a more "power" scheme.Obviously, Knapp is coach Dennis Allen's hire and he'll back him. But how much "patience" can the rookie head coach have if the offense continues to sputter and the defeats keep piling up? And yes, I realize the season is only two games old.RELATED: Can McFadden thrive with zone-blocking scheme?
"The big difference is, is I believe in the system," Allen said Friday. "I believe in what we're doing. And when you believe in something, you stick to it and you have your patience with it. But it's all about a belief. Most of the time, people, when they don't believe in something, that's when they want to make a lot of changes. I've got belief in it and it's going to work."In other words, if you're holding your breath waiting for Allen to pull the plug on Knapp andor his scheme, don;t hold your breath.

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