49ers send ‘playbook' to season ticket holders


SANTA CLARA -- Jim Harbaugh recently wrote a letter to 49ers season ticket holders. Yes, he really did write the letter, I'm told."Each year in the inaugural meeting of the season, a Playbook is passed out the squad, describing a plan for achieving TEAM success," Harbaugh wrote. "When the 2012 TEAM gathered in April, we passed out our Playbook."Over the past week, the 49ers have issued a playbook of its own to season-ticket holders. And Harbaugh penned the cover letter in which he calls the season-ticket holders the "most valued member of this TEAM."In the past, the 49ers have distributed season tickets like every other team in every other sport. The sheets of tickets were sent via the U.S. Postal Service -- or "snail mail," as it's widely known now.But the 49ers tried something different this year. Last week, 49ers CEO Jed York wrote on Twitter that he wanted to hear from 49ers season-ticket holders about their "box opening experience."Fed Ex packages began arriving on doorsteps last week. I saw the material that was distributed to a season-ticket holder. It includes a black binder "playbook" with a letter from Harbaugh, a fan guide for creating a home-field advantage and individual game tickets that contain a different theme:On the same page: "There must be mutual trust among the players and coaches."
Playing take-away: "Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's unit believes it has the same right to the football as the opposing offense."
Building a winner: "The scouting department is focused 12 months a year on evaluating college players who have what it takes to play for the 49ers."
Impact special teams: "Every yard is important. Every detail can win or lose a game."
Fourth-quarter magic: "The 49ers demonstrated their resilience in 2011 with five come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter."
Pound the rock: "Forging a successful run game requires a certain toughness and tenacity."
Play to the whistle: "All-Pro defensive lineman Justin Smith and his teammates play with a relentless approach -- especially when fatigue sets in and a game can hinge on one play late in the fourth quarter."
Stand your ground: "Forcing an opponent to abandon its run game comes down to technique at the line of scrimmage and a team-wide commitment to swarm the ball-carrier."
From every angle: "Under Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, it's not uncommon to use a defensive lineman utilized in the offensive backfield or an offensive lineman catching a pass on a tackle-eligible play."
Smells like team spirit: "Individual accomplishments and accolades are not what drive the men in this locker room."The 49ers, of course, are in the process of selling season tickets for the Santa Clara stadium, which is on target for a 2014 opening. York wrote Tuesday on Twitter that the organization "wanted the presentation to be great."As of Tuesday, not all season-ticket holders had received the "playbook." York promised all remaining binders were sent via priority mail and scheduled to arrive Wednesday."You'll love them when you see them," York wrote.If you are a season-ticket holder, what are your thoughts?

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