49ers' Deebo Samuel says ‘surgery went perfect' to fix Jones fracture


Thursday began with some bad news for the 49ers, as they learned second-year receiver Deebo Samuel sustained a Jones fracture in his foot Tuesday while working out with teammates in Nashville, Tenn.

The news San Francisco got at the end of the day was far more positive.

Though you'll have to take his own word for it, it would appear Samuel underwent a successful surgery.

"Surgery went perfect," Samuel said on Instagram from the hospital. "I'm telling y'all, in 10 weeks, it'll be a better Deebo than you've ever seen. I'm telling you. Legendary."

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NFL Media's Ian Rapoport initially reported that Samuel would be out for 12 to 16 weeks, so Samuel's timeline is slightly more optimistic. Should his prove correct, he would be able to return to the field around Aug. 27. That would theoretically give him ample time to get back into game shape and potentially play in San Francisco's season-opener against the visiting Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 13.

As the 49ers learned with Trent Taylor last year, arguably the most important hurdle in successfully overcoming a Jones fracture is the initial surgery. Taylor required a second surgery to correct the first, which got infected and ultimately forced him to miss the entire season. Samuel has a long road ahead of him to get back in time for the start of the new season, but it sounds like he's off to a good start. 

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