Source: Posey injuries ‘way' serious; bone broken


May 26, 2011


UPDATE: 11:20 a.m. -- Giants confirm that Posey sustained a fractured left fibula and two torn ligaments in his left ankle.
Mychael Urban

The word that spread through the Giants' clubhouse late Wednesday night was that catcher Buster Posey, injured in a 12th-inning collision at home plate, suffered a broken bone in his left ankle and likely tore ligaments in his left knee, a source close to the situation told on Thursday morning."It's way serious," said the source, whosaid X-raystaken at the park revealed the fracture but the information on the knee ligaments couldn't be confirmedwithout an MRI exam, which is scheduled for 12 p.m. Thursday.Multiple attempts to confirm theextent of Posey's injuries went unanswered early Thursday.If, indeed, Posey's injuries are as serious as indicated, it's not a stretch to suggest he could miss the remainder of theseason -- particularly ifthe knee ligament is his ACL and requires surgery.The Giants are expected to make some kind of announcement regarding Posey'sroster status -- he's headed for the disabled list, no doubt--by mid-morning. Chris Stewart, a longtime minor-league backstop who impresseddefensively at big-league camp this spring, is said to be on his way to San Francisco, where Eli Whiteside is expected to start behind the plate Thursday for thefinale of a three-game series against the Marlins.Posey, the reigning NL Rookie of the Year,has never before been on the DL.

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