Giants first team to join anti-homophobia effort



The Giants broke new ground Wednesday in the field of social equality and tolerance by becoming the first professional sports team to join the It Gets Better Campaign.

The team released a video message directed to LGBT youth. The video also speaks out against bullying and hatred in our society, and underscores the Giants' commitment to that stance.

The team's video features Matt Cain, Sergio Romo, Andres Torres and Barry Zito, along with and hitting coach Hensley Bam Bam Muelens and delivers the It Gets Better message in English, Spanish and Japanese.

The video can be viewed at and at itgetsbetter.orgsfgiants.

The message opens with Barry Zito saying, "We all know how difficult life can be as a teenager. ''

It then segues to Sergio Romo, who adds, "We've all been there and have had to deal with the pressure to fit in and be accepted by our peers.

Matt Cain caps the message with these words: ''It's particularly challenging for LGBT teens who face adversity and intolerance in their daily lives."

The message is clear: There's no place for hatred or bullying, and people who are victimized by that must not give up hope.

Meulens is particularly poignant, telling kids that, "You have an amazing future in front of you."

The video concludes with a multilingual message, spoken by the players and coach: ''It gets better.''

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