Why Fox, Monk's historic game vs. Clippers forever special to them


De'Aaron Fox and Malik Monk are one week removed from scoring 40-plus points each in the Kings' 176-175 double-overtime road win over the Los Angeles Clippers, but it's a night they'll never forget.

The Clippers will be in Sacramento for a Friday night rematch with the Kings, so Fox and Monk reflected on the historic performance as many NBA fans hope for more fireworks from the Pacific Division rivals.

"I think we were the first teammates to score 40 in [Sacramento] history," Monk told reporters Thursday. "And that's one of my best friends. So doing it here with him is great. The game was super competitive. It was a fun basketball game to be a part of, man. And we see them again [on Friday] ...

"They're a playoff team, and we trying to get to the spot they've been at the last couple of years. So beating them two times -- I think this our last time playing [the Clippers] -- it's going to be a great game, especially how we just beat them at their place. So they'll come ready. We'll be ready."

Fox believes the performance he and Monk delivered that night at Crypto.com Arena will be memorable for those who were in attendance and those who watched at home, as there was plenty of reaction on Twitter.

"I think for the most part, anybody that was a part of this game, at that game watching on TV, you'll probably always remember two teams putting up over 170 points in a game," Fox told reporters Thursday. "I'm pretty sure that, I think it was, what, in the '80s, that has the most points ever in a game. I'm sure if you ask anybody if they watched that game, they know exactly where they were when they watched it. So, yeah, I think that's going to be a classic.

"Hopefully, 30 years down the line, when you're watching Hardwood Classics, that game ends up coming up at some point. So, yeah, that was a legendary game. Like I said before, I don't want to be a part of a game like that again, especially not on the second out of a back-to-back. So it's definitely going to be a great memory. I don't think I'll ever forget that, either."

The Kings (36-25) are so close to ending their 16-year playoff drought, and will try to finish the regular season with momentum on their side. Another win over the Clippers -- classic or not -- would help in that regard, as the Kings sit third in the Western Conference.

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