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Lyles details confidence boost Kings coach Brown gave him

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Mike Brown has made an impact on and off the court since joining the Kings, and Trey Lyles is appreciative of what the coach has done to instill more confidence in him.

Speaking to NBC Sports California’s Morgan Ragan in the latest “Kings Central” episode, Lyles detailed the way Brown built him up over the course of the 2022-23 NBA season, Brown’s first with the team. Lyles noted that the transition under Brown was difficult at first, but eventually things worked out due to an open-door policy.

“Last year was a little rocky at the start. I was in-and-out of the lineup for a little bit, but then I just went to [Brown] and I talked to him,” Lyles said. “He talked to us as a team and he was like, ‘If you have any questions, my door’s always open.’ So me taking the time and him taking the time to have a conversation with one another, that goes a long way for me personally, just on a respect level.”

Lyles went on to explain that Brown and the coaching staff did a great job of building up the entire team, never tearing anyone down for their performances or work ethic.

“Not to say I hadn’t had that [open communication] in the past, but when I was up there talking to him it just felt different," Lyles told Ragan. "And then he acted on it afterwards and was continuously throwing confidence at me, building me up, never breaking anybody down -- not just talking about myself, but anybody on the team. Never saying anything in a negative light is always good, and it’s always positive and nice to be around.”

In addition, the 28-year-old detailed how Brown and the coaching staff as a whole have helped him become more confident in his abilities, and that they have endeared themselves to him so much that he would do anything for them.

“So, [Brown] just continuously doing that -- and the rest of the coaching staff as well -- but when you have your head coach behind you too, it’s just another level of confidence when you can go to him," Lyles continued. "Continuously doing that for me, it helped me out in ways that were unparalleled, and I think since then it has been an uphill trajectory.

“I said it at the end of the year, there’s not of people that I would do anything for but now… this whole coaching staff, I’d go out there and run through a brick wall for them.”

Lyles has developed into a solid scoring option off the bench for the Kings, who have become one of the top teams in the Western Conference since Brown’s tenure began.

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