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Bibby recalls Vlade hilariously smoking cigarette before Kings games

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Kings legend Mike Bibby recently took a trip down memory lane to praise former Kings center Vlade Divac's leadership during their time in Sacramento together, but there was something else Divac did off the court that stood out to him.

There was talk about Divac smoking cigarettes in the locker room at halftime of games, and Bibby not only confirmed that, but he also corrected the claim.

"I've seen him before a game," Bibby said on the "All the Smoke" podcast. "The bathroom stall is this high, his head is over the top. So I go in and use the bathroom and he's in there. I said, 'Vlade, are you smoking a f--king cigarette?'

"And he just got it done real quick and just threw it out and went to warmups."

Bibby and Divac played together from 2001 to 2004.

Aside from Divac's tobacco inhalation, Bibby applauded his unique leadership presence. He even drew inspiration from the way Divac carried himself and carried it with him throughout his NBA career.

"Vlade was kind of like the ring leader of everything," Bibby said. "Making sure everything was cool, calm. Of course, [Chris Webber] was the leader of the team, but off the court, Vlade, you never seen his demeanor change. Whether he scored two points or he scored 30 points, you'd always get the same Vlade no matter what.

"And I kind of looked up to that. When I got traded to Atlanta, I kind of took Vlade's role in going to Atlanta. A lot of young guys. A real good team, but young. And I was like, 'Damn, where am I going to fit in on this team?' And that's where I fit in, taking Vlade's role."

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