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Draymond puzzled by Kings' Fox, Sabonis All-Star snubs

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The 2024 NBA All-Star teams were finalized this week, leaving Kings fans with no players to root for during the game hosted by the Indiana Pacers on Feb. 16-18.

Sacramento stars De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, All-Stars last season, arguably were two of the game’s biggest snubs.

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green believes Sabonis and Fox are players deserving of All-Star nods for their efforts this season, explaining why on Sunday’s episode of the “The Draymond Green Show.”

“De’Aaron Fox is averaging 27.5 points and five assists,” Green said. “The Kings are currently at fifth in the West and have been in the top four most of the year, which means [they’re] very much in the playoffs, right there next to home-court advantage in the first round. But they’re in fifth. [Fox’s averaging] 27 and five. Domantas Sabonis is averaging 19.9 points -- so we’re just going to give him 20 -- 13 rebounds and eight assists, and the Kings are in fifth place.

“Now that’s interesting because in a stat-driven league, we have the tale of two tapes which is one team right on the brink of the playoffs, another team that is firmly in the playoff picture right now, all three [including Trae Young] with incredible stats, none make the All-Star Game.”

Green believes Sabonis and Fox, as well as Young – a member of the Eastern Conference’s 10th-seeded Hawks – have the stats to be All-Stars in a “stat-driven” NBA.

The three players are the faces of their respective teams, but unfortunately, that fact doesn’t equal votes or fair All-Star recognition.

However, the four-time NBA Champion noted the possibility of Fox and Sabonis “pulling” votes from each other, as fans and coaches might not have had room for each on their crowded All-Star ballots.

“The one thing I can understand is that De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis probably pulled votes from each other because they probably will both be wild cards," Green added. "You look at the All-Star rosters, you got Karl-Anthony Towns as a backup in the West, you got Anthony Davis as a backup in the West, and Kawhi Leonard, so there’s your three frontcourt [bench] players. Then you get two backcourt players and then you get two wild cards. 

“The wild cards, which is what De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis would be fighting for if you look at the roster, they probably pulled votes from each other. Because if you’re looking at them, you’re like, ‘Ah, it’s Sabonis for me for that team, it’s Fox for me for that team.' So, in turn, I think they pulled votes from each other. And when they pull votes from each other, someone else slides in, solely getting the votes from their team.”

Regardless of why Sabonis and Fox were excluded from the game in Indianapolis, Fox and Sabonis already have proved they’re an All-Star duo. 

But continuing in his defense of the tandem, Green emphasized the randomness of All-Star voting selections.

“What is the criteria? There’s never been a set criteria," Green emphasized. "Is it your team's success, personal success, or a combination of both? Again, the Kings’ guys in Fox and Sabonis kind of proves that the combination of both may be screwing you a bit.”

Like Green, Sacramento, currently 5.0 games out of first in the West, knows who its All-Stars are.

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