DeAaron Fox

Fox counters Tua's complex play-call with funny Sabonis request

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Star point guard De'Aaron Fox has no issue running the Kings' offense, but he'll pass on taking his talents to the NFL.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa portrayed just how difficult some of the football playcalling can be by challenging the media to repeat a play from Miami's playbook.

The media failed -- and Fox would rather not even try. Instead, the All-Star guard shared a hilarious response on X of a play-call that's more his style.

But as one fan pointed out, the Kings' offense is more complex than many other NBA teams. Their historically great offense in the 2022-23 season was filled with pick and pops, DHOs, post-ups, spot-ups, screens, spacing the floor, nonstop moving, etc.

To Fox, though, it's not as complicated as some might think.

Running an offense no matter which sport you're playing is challenging, but it's clear that Fox will stick with basketball for now.

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