NBA In-Season Tournament

NBA In-Season Tournament prize money explained

It's an additional payday for winning teams in the NBA In-Season Tournament

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The NBA In-Season Tournament made its debut just weeks ago and the competition is ramping up.

While bragging rights are on the line, there is also a hefty paycheck that players are working toward that is definitely sweetening the pot.

With the knockout rounds approaching, one team of the remaining eight teams will soon be crowned as champion.

Here's what you need to know about payouts for the NBA In-Season Tournament winning teams:

How much do players win per round at the 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament?

  • Win championship: $500,000 per player
  • Reach championship game: $200,000 per player
  • Reach semifinal game: $100,000 per player
  • Reach quarterfinal game: $50,000 per player

Head coaches receive the same amount that the players do, while assistant coaches receive an additional share of the total prize money that is equivalent to 75% of the head coach's winning sum.

When is the NBA In-Season Tournament?

Eight teams, four from each conference, secured spots in the knockout rounds.

Quarterfinal action is set to kick off on Dec. 4 with one team crowned as champion on Dec. 9 in Las Vegas.

Which teams are left in the NBA In-Season Tournament?

Here are the remaining teams broken down by conference:

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

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