NBA draft lottery 2019: Kings troll 76ers after pick goes to Celtics


For the second time in three days, the balls didn't bounce the Philadelphia 76ers' way.

On Sunday, it was the basketball on Kawhi Leonard's series-ending shot. On Tuesday, the ping-pong balls gave the Kings' 2019 first-round pick to the Boston Celtics, not the 76ers.

The Kings social media team combined the two moments to troll the 76ers.

The 76ers didn't waste time clapping back, taking a shot at the Kings' playoff drought.

To refresh your memory, the Kings included their 2019 first-round pick in the Nik Stauskas trade in 2015. Then Philadelphia included rights to that pick in the Markelle Fultz-Jayson Tatum draft night trade two years ago.

The stipulations Tuesday night were this: If the ping-pong balls had pick anywhere between No. 2 and No. 14, Boston got the selection. If the ping-pong balls somehow defied the odds and landed at No. 1, Philly would get the pick.

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When NBA Deputy Commission Mark Tatum opened the first envelope, he pulled out a card with the Celtics logo on it. The Sixers were out of luck.

That's when the Kings pounced. 

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