Kings-Warriors: What to watch for


The Warriors and Sacramento Kings meet for the fourth andfinal time this season on Saturday night at Oracle Arena. The Warriors have wontwo of the three meetings this season.The Warriors are coming off a split of their recent two-gameroad trip against New Orleans and Houston. The Kings are coming off a toughlast-second loss against the Utah Jazz on Thursday.Here are some things to watch for during Saturdaysgame:Evans off bench: Sacramento Keith Smarthas been bringing Tyreke Evans off the bench recently, and also playing himless at point guard. The change seems to have agreed with Evans, who has beenplaying well of late. If Evans plays against the Warriors subs, theyre goingto have to find a way to account for him.Will Benson play?: The Warriors areexpected to sign center Keith Benson out of the D-League to a 10-day contract.He should be in uniform tonight. The question is: Will he play?Benson averaged 15.1 points and 7.6 rebounds in 19 games forthe Sioux Falls SkyForce.Benson was a second-round pick of the Atlanta Hawks a year ago. The Warriorsalso recently signed Mickell Gladness out of the D-League. With Andrew Bogutand Andris Biedrins hurt, lets see whether coach Mark Jackson goes with one ofthose two players or uses David Lee a lot at five.Play better at home: Last season theWarriors went 26-15 at Oracle Arena, but this year their record is just 10-13there. In recent home games, the Warriors have struggled to maintain theireffort level.They have not played well in either of their past two homegamesvs. Minnesota and Milwaukee. While the playoffs remain a longshot forthe Warriors, theres no reason why they cant remain competitive when theyplay at Oracle.Klays game: Klay Thompson has beeninconsistent since taking over the starting two guard spot, which is to beexpected from a first-year player. Hes had big scoring nights, but hes alsohad some tough shooting nights.With 21 games remaining, one of Thompsons goals should beto develop some consistency in his overall gameregardless of how hesshooting the ball.

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