Why T-Mac believes Steph must be ranked among ‘all-time greats'


There is no secret that quite a few former NBA players from past eras have not been able to accept the new style of play of this generation's game. The modern NBA is fast-paced with a high volume of 3-point shots, moving away from the traditional center-dominated style of past generations.

Because of that, many have blatantly, or subtly, dismissed some of Steph Curry's accomplishments.

Unlike some of his peers, Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady now honors what Curry has done for the game of basketball.

"You got to rank Steph as one of the all-time greats because of what he has done for the game of basketball," McGrady said on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast. "There are only a few guys that have that type of impact on a league. You know, [Shaquille O'Neal] had that impact, Magic [Johnson] and [Larry] Bird had that impact, and [Michael Jordan]. Steph completely changed the way the game is played right now."

"There is a barrage of 3-pointers going on in the league that we have never seen before, and that is because of Steph Curry," McGrady continued, who's the founder of Ones Basketball League, a new one-on-one basketball league.”

Curry has completely revolutionized the NBA, with his historically great and unique ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, with sniper-like efficiency. While he is already the all-time leader in 3-pointers made in NBA history, Curry has also opened the doors for a new wave of players to impact the game in his footsteps.

The landscape of the league might never be the same, and McGrady recognizes how Curry is the catalyst for the change.

"He has to be considered one of the greatest, all-time greats in our game. That is where I put him," McGrady declared.
"I don't have a number of ranking but he is obviously a guy we have to mention in the same breath as like the Michael Jordan's, the Larry Bird's, the Magic Johnson's, and those guys."

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