Why Steph considers defensive liability conversation ‘dead'


Steph Curry heard all the talk about his defense and decided to end the conversation. 

After years of being called a defensive liability, Curry feels like he ended the discussion regarding his defense after making several key defensive plays in the 2022 NBA Finals

"The way I play defense is just doing my job and trying not to be considered the weakest link out there," Curry said in an interview with Complex. "That's all effort and IQ and understanding the game."

Curry adds that he can't be compared to All-Defensive Team players because the guard understands he will never be on that level. So instead, the 34-year-old tries to be as "well-rounded as possible" by being in the proper position to help, knowing when to hedge the screen, how to take charges, and more. 

Lastly, Curry says that he tries to level up with everything he does, like most people. 

"That end of the floor I made tremendous strides and the ability to do that has helped us win so yeah, you dead that conversation in terms of there's no flaws in the game," he concluded. 

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Curry has a point: in the six-game series against the Boston Celtics, he averaged two steals per game and swiped 12 in total. Digging deeper into the defensive stats, he was tied for third in defensive rating on the Warriors with Draymond at 106, according to basketball-reference. His defensive rating was also the second-highest among guards, second only to Gary Payton II (95).

There are not many things Curry can't do, and you can add being a defensive liability to that list.

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