Why Steph claims ‘night night' celly regardless of ‘receipts'


The “night night” celebration has spread like wildfire in the sports world ever since Steph Curry unleashed it during the Warriors’ legendary championship run this summer.

Admittedly, there were other athletes who did some variation of the celebration before Curry put the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics to sleep in the playoffs.

But as far as “night night” goes, that’s all Curry.

“So, now I’m finding out that there was some guy in baseball that did it,” Curry told Complex Sports’ Zion Olojede. “Maybe in soccer, I can’t remember who was it. I think Taurean Prince did it in a game one time.

"So I’ve been seeing all the receipts of people pulling it out but in terms of the moment that I did it, No. 1, I didn’t know about them, but in terms of the moment it happened and actually putting the words behind it 'Night, Night,' I consider it an original still so we rocking with it."

Since the NBA Finals concluded, the celebration has been seen in just about every sport, like when WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu hit a late-game dagger and when Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Andrew McCutchen used it to cap off a home run trot. It was taken to a whole new level last week when a youngster actually laid on the ground and hit the celebration. Of course, Curry approved.

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“I was just having fun," Curry told reporters of the celebration's origin during the Warriors' playoff series against Dallas. "You talk about having kids. You know how bedtime routines are important. It’s the final signal for job well done that day. Pretty special."

Consider the "night night" movement officially part of the Curry brand.

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