Why Max Kellerman believes Kevin Durant still needs to prove greatness


Most people would agree that former Warriors superstar Kevin Durant -- a two-time NBA Finals MVP -- already is one of the top 20 players in NBA history.

The four-time scoring champion averaged 35.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.6 blocks in the 2017 NBA Finals, and followed that up by registering 28.8 points, 10.8 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 2.3 blocks per game in the 2018 NBA Finals.

"As I've said -- when he joined the Warriors, it didn't prove anything about his greatness," Max Kellerman said on ESPN's "First Take" Wednesday morning. "Any superstar player that joins the Warriors would surely win multiple championships. They had already won 73 games and barely didn't win the championship in LeBron James' finest moment as a basketball player.

"You add Paul George -- you add a lot of guys to that team -- of course they're gonna win. So that doesn't really prove the thing that a championship is supposed to prove about the best player on a championship team. Now he has the chance to prove it."

KD absolutely was incredible during his three years with the Warriors, and took his game to another level as he outdueled LeBron James on the sport's biggest stage.

Yet despite his amazing accomplishments, many people all across the basketball world -- fans, media members, sports talk personalities, etc. -- have diminished what he achieved in a Golden State uniform.

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Kellerman is speaking for a lot of people who believe winning a championship with the Brooklyn Nets would be a more significant feat for KD. That opinion -- independent of whatever "greatness" truly means -- is understandable.

If the future Hall of Famer is able to overcome his Achilles injury and capture another Larry O'Brien Trophy, that very well could be more meaningful to him. And it -- without a doubt -- would change some of the public's perception of him.

"That proves greatness in a way that he couldn't prove in Golden State," Kellerman said.

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Once again, that perspective is coherent. It's not outlandish or ridiculous whatsoever.

It's subjective, and everybody is entitled to their opinion.

Hopefully KD fully recovers and gets the opportunity to compete at the highest level again.

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