Why going to NBA bubble was so valuable for Dubs GM Myers


Last Thursday night, Bob Myers learned that the Warriors won the rights to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Earlier that day, Golden State's general manager arrived back in the Bay Area after spending time watching the action in the Orlando bubble.

The two-time NBA Executive of the Year traveled across the country because he wanted to experience the unprecedented situation.

Well, that was one reason, as there were other objectives in mind.

"Pro scouting. I'm a big in-person guy, and I got to see 12 games in three days. I saw 16 teams play," Myers explained to reporters last week. "Usually as a general manager, we don't do a lot of pro scouting. I only see teams when we play them. And the season got cut short, and certain teams I never saw play.

"It was tremendously valuable for me to be out there. And then also -- the league is constantly changing. Just to watch what's going on in the playoffs, and I want to have the best chance of understanding where the league is going."

These are very valid reasons.

It's no secret that the Warriors could end up trading for a star this offseason. In addition, Myers could get the green light from ownership to use all -- or some -- of the $17.2 million traded player exception, and the $6 million-ish taxpayer mid-level exception in the franchise's arsenal.

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So he wants to be as informed as possible, and seeing players up close and personal is very different than watching them on TV.

"It was nice to go in with no pressure (with the Warriors not playing)," Myers added. "It also gave me some clarity, and the ability to sit there and watch, uninterrupted, a lot of basketball."

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