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Why Draymond Green thought Warriors GM Bob Myers was turning on him


Very few NBA players have a relationship with their general manager like Warriors forward Draymond Green has with Bob Myers.

It's a deep, authentic bond -- which is why the one-game suspension Myers levied upon Draymond last season following his blow-up with Kevin Durant was so difficult for the three-time NBA champion to process.

"That was the hardest thing for me because a lot of people don't understand me -- Bob does," Draymond said on "The Woj Pod" on Wednesday morning. "And I started to tell myself in my mind, 'Wow, he's flipping on me.' I'm super tight with Bob. I can get traded from here tomorrow. I understand this business.

"That's a guy I always call. He plays a much different role for me in my life than the general manager of a basketball team. He plays such a bigger role in my life -- someone I can get the truth from in almost like a life coach, or an older brother.

"And it just felt like, 'Wow, is this not the guy I've thought I've known for all these years? Is he turning on me?' And I started to tell myself all of these things, and then everybody's like, 'Oh my God, the Warriors sided with Kevin Durant.'

"That was the toughest thing for me."

It took awhile for Draymond and Myers to mend things.

"I could see his wheels turning like, 'Oh really? You're done with me, too?' And we didn't talk," the two-time NBA Executive of the Year explained. "He wouldn't speak to me."

Myers also revealed that the Warriors had a very important dinner in Salt Lake City a couple weeks after the Nov. 12 incident between Draymond and KD.

"It was not just Kevin and Draymond -- it was Steve (Kerr), Shaun (Livingston), me, Andre (Iguodala), Steph (Curry) -- I mean separate from my family, I will never forget ... I could tell you where everybody was sitting at the table, I could tell you what they said, I could tell you what was said.

"I don't know want to say it was good or bad, it was just so memorable and honest for all of us. But you can't walk into that dinner without the experiences that we had over the years and understand any of it.

"The things people were saying to each other ... you don't get to be that honest that often in life. I walked away from that dinner like, 'Damn. These relationships are real.'"

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Wow. What a tease.

Sounds like we need a three-hour special documentary -- or at least an oral history -- about that meal.

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