Warriors will be ‘good partners' if NBA season returns, Bob Myers says


It certainly seems like the Warriors' 2019-20 season is over.

But the NBA hasn't made any official announcement yet.

"The truth is we have the worst record in the league. That's a fact," general manager Bob Myers told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne this week. "It's hard to motivate in our unique position. But that doesn't mean players don't have pride and won't come back and play and care about the league as a whole.

"We want to be good partners and we will be good partners."

Nobody has any clue what's going to happen in the coming months with the coronavirus pandemic. By the end of May, it's possible that the NBA cancels the rest of the season.

Then again, there is a chance the season resumes and the Warriors -- who at 15-50 have 17 regular season games remaining on the schedule -- are asked to play a handful of those games.

"We'd like to see Steph [Curry] play with [Andrew] Wiggins," Myers said. "I think we got to see that for one game where we were hoping to see that."

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Steph, Wiggins and the Dubs lost to the Toronto Raptors, 121-113, on March 5.

The two-time NBA MVP missed Golden State's next two games because of the flu.

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Despite these comments from Myers, it's safe to assume Warriors coach Steve Kerr's mindset hasn't changed from last week.

"It feels like the end of our season," he said during a video conference with the University of San Francisco. "It definitely feels like the season is done for us.

"We are absolutely in offseason mode."

Hopefully we get a resolution soon.

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