Warriors star Steph Curry doesn't believe man has landed on the moon


Steph Curry can hit shots from as far away as the moon, but apparently, he doesn't believe man has been to the moon.

In the wide-ranging, free-flowing "Winging It" podcast with Andre Iguodala, Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Annie Finberg, Curry made it sound like he doesn't believe we've gone to the moon.

Here's the part of the conversation in question. For greatest context of the entire (crazy) conversation, we suggest you start listening to the podcast around the 45-minute mark.

Curry: We ever been to the moon?

Several of the other guests: Nope.

Curry: They gonna come get us. I don't think so either. Sorry, I don't want to start any conspiracies.

Finberg: You don't think so?

Curry: Uh uh.

Based on other people in the room agreeing with Curry, it sounds like Iguodala, Carter and Bazemore might agree with him.

Somebody should ask Curry what he thinks about NASA landing on Mars two weeks ago.

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