Warriors' Rush makes it clear he wants starting SF spot


OAKLAND -- When it comes to dealing with the media, Warriorsforward Brandon Rush isnt exactly a man of lengthy responses. He says what hesays, and he usually gets out.Thats what he did on Wednesday, shortly after he signed atwo-year, 8 million contract to remain with the Warriors. He got in and he gotout. But before he did, he dropped this little nugget:Im coming in trying to get that starting job at the threespot, Rush said. Ive been working hard the whole, entire summer to build upon that.When it comes to the discussion about who will start atsmall forward for the Warriors, the talk pretty much stops after HarrisonBarnes and Richard Jefferson.Barnes was the No. 7 pick in the June draft, and it seemsobvious the Warriors believe he will be the teams starting three-man for along while. Of course, hes a rookie, so it might not happenimmediately.Conventional wisdom suggested that Jefferson, aplayoff-tested veteran, would be the perfect guy to hold down the spot untilBarnes is ready. But Rush wants in on the competition, and come to think of it,hes got as much right to the small forward spot as anyone.Rush said on Wednesday that he always wanted to come back tothe Warriors, and the Warriors had made it clear all along that they wanted himback. In essence, that parlay probably hurt Rushs chances of receiving anykind of offer sheet from another team.But when asked whether is desire to return and the Warriorsopenness about wanting him back worked against him.I wouldnt say it worked against me, said Rush, whoaveraged 9.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per game last season, while shooting 45.2percent from 3-point range. I think it worked out for the best for me. I thinkIm in a perfect position to come in and maybe start. Weve got some young guysand it should be a competitive training camp.It may have just gotten a little more competitive.

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