Warriors raise banner honoring 47 years in Oakland after Oracle finale


The Warriors may be leaving Oakland in a few months, but they want to make sure they don't forget their roots.

After their 131-104 win over the Clippers on Sunday night, the team raised a banner to the rafters that read "Oakland, California 47 years."

The banner will hang during the Warriors' upcoming playoff run, and then make its way to the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Before the banner was raised, head coach Steve Kerr gave a speech to the sellout crowd in attendance for the final regular-season game at Oracle.

Here's Kerr's full speech:

"It's very difficult to sum up how we feel about this building and all of our fans.

For 47 years, Warriors fans have stuck with us through thick and thin. And let's be honest. Most of those years have been a little thin. But we've got some good stuff going on right now.

I can tell you from the first day I walked into this building, my first trip as a rookie in the NBA in 1988, the atmosphere in this place just jumped out of the gym, the electricity, the feel. And that held, whether for 15 years as a player coming in as an opponent, coming in as a broadcaster, broadcasting the loudest game I've ever heard, which was Game 6 of 'We Believe.' Never heard that. And all the way now as a coach, the privilege to walk into this building and feel that juice, feel that energy that you all bring and that this building has brought as well, all we can say is thank you to all of you fans.

I want to say a special thank you to all our arena employees here who do an amazing job.

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And just thinking about how many generations of Warriors fans are in the crowd today, we know that your love for the team is something that you pass on to the next generation, so I want to thank all of you who are new Warriors fans, thank all of you who have been with us a long time, and maybe go home and thank your grandparents, your parents or whoever turned you on to the Golden State Warriors all those years ago. Thank you.

Obviously, this is the ceremonial final game at Oracle. We've got a few more to come and we're going to need every bit of your support these next couple of months, so thank you."

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