Warriors' Fraser names unsung hero after Draymond's ejection


It was all-hands-on-deck for the Warriors after Draymond Green was ejected. 

Late in the second quarter of Golden State's 117-116 victory in Game 1 over the Memphis Grizzlies at FedExForum, the Warriors' vocal leader was ejected from the game after receiving a controversial Flagrant 2 foul.

Before leaving the court, Green put on one final show, running around the court, egging on the inhospitable Memphis crowd. 

Warriors assistant coach Bruce Fraser joined 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" on Monday where he discussed his initial interpretation of Draymond's theatrics and who he believes ended up being the Warriors' unsung hero in Green's absence. 

"Draymond likes stirring things up because that's what gets him going in a good way," Fraser said. "At that point honestly through my own lens didn't know what the outcome of the decision was going to be. At first, I thought Draymond was trying to fool the crowd like he was going to be thrown out and then wasn't. As far as the actual moment of it, I was just shaking my head. But tough call for us. The NBA, they make the decisions and we have to be politically correct on this. It's a subjective call but you just deal with it. 

"Fortunately we won the game and it worked out for us, but losing Draymond is tough because he's obviously great for us on both sides of the ball and he has a champion's heart and we needed that heart down the stretch," Fraser added. "But [Kevon] Looney, who is seldomly mentioned, has that as well and I'm not trying to give him huge credit but he doesn't get the recognition often even with us, his coaches, for what he really does. He came in during the second half and really settled us and got our shooters open with screens and passes, was a force at the rim. He has that heart too. He's been through all this, so I think he was an important piece that we didn't really recognize in that second half."

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Green's value to the Warriors is immeasurable, and it was clear how his mid-season absence impacted the team on both ends of the floor, barely above .500 without him this season with a pedestrian 19-17 record. Fortunately for Golden State, they were able to overcome his dramatic exit and come away with an emotional one-point victory on the road

Despite not getting enough respect around the NBA, or amongst the Warriors' fanbase for that matter, Looney has been an Ironman of sorts and has been a constant in the Warriors' lineup this season, playing in all 82 games

Celebrated Warriors teams of years past are familiar with someone stepping up to overcome the absence of a superstar. On Sunday, that was a collective effort led by Looney himself. 

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